News & Events 24 / September / 11 African Coastal Marine Services are currently undertaking equipment maintenance in Ghana.
Hull Inspection Cathodic Protection

NDT Inspection - African Coastal Marine Services can offer hull inspection, full colour video, thickness measurement, CP measurements and visual condition reports. Certified MT, UT, LP & Visual inspection to LEVEL 2. Full video inspection of a 100m ships hull takes approxiamtely 4 hours. This is carried out while the ship is at anchor

UW UT Treadings

Thickness Measurement - African Coastal Marine Services have the ability to measure the thickness of a vessel hull in water using a Cygnus 1 Multiple Echo Ultrasonic Underwater Thickness Gauge

Dive Spread

Bathycorrometer CP reading - African coastal Marine have the ability to undertake CP survey's using a Buckleys Bathycorrometer. The Bathycorrometer allows a diver/inspection engineer to select a given location, on an immersed structure, at which the structure to sea water potential is to be measured. The electrochemical potential of the structure under investigation at this location can be determined to a high degree of accuracy (+/- 5mV ).