News & Events 24 / September / 11 African Coastal Marine Services are currently undertaking Equipment maintenance in Ghana.

African Coastal Marine Services and company incorporated in Ghana with Limited Liability, in 2003. The company provided Dive Support for various offshore construction companies working in Ghana. These included Global Industries Ltd, Horizon Offshore and Trafigura. The company has complete air diving equipment including scuba and hard hat air diving spread, small boats and Underwater Video Survey Equipment.

The company’s boats and equipment were used to survey pipeline shore approaches routes in Tema and the company provided personnel, boats and equipment to provide remedial pipeline stabilization. After installation of Tema pipelines, SBM and CBM buoys African Coastal Marine Services provided services to Trafigura pre commissioning maintenance, security of 36” and 18” pipelines and SBM – CBM Buoys.

Similar work was carried out for Horizon Offshore in Tema and Takoradi during the construction of the West African Gas Pipeline.

Working with Dredging International, the company assisted in installation of 40” outfall pipeline at Korle Bu Lagoon. This included diving and survey work associated with the project. Recently conducted Underwater Survey in Freeport of Monrovia, located and surveyed 17 ship wrecks, surveyed fuel jetty and general cargo wharf. Survey # l01-08.

ACMS also offers ship cleaning and underwater video survey.